A Brief History of Fantasy Logos

The Ass Pirates (2008-09, 2014-present)                                                

The Ass Pirates (2010)


The Ass Pirates (2011)


For Whom The Bell Sproles (2012)


For Whom The Bell Sproles (2013)


Team the Floaters (2008)


The Monarch's Henchmen (2009-10)


Nature Goulet (2011-2013)


The Sausage Bandits (2014-present)



Team Tricky Dick (2009-11)


The Benperors (2012-15)



Vermin Supreme (2010)


Vermin Supreme (2011)


Vermin Supreme (2012-present)



The Buck Futters (2008)


John Stamos Cuddle Time (2015-present)



The Auto-picks (2008)



The Porch Monkeys (2008-09)


The Super Fans (2008-09)

F.C. DITKA (2010)

F.C. DITKA (2010)


F.C. DITKA (2011)


F.C. DITKA (2012)

 F.C. DITKA (2013)

F.C. DITKA (2014-16)

Hurricane Ditka (2017)


Hurricane Ditka (2018-present)



The Turd Fergusons (2008)


The Turd Fergusons (2009, 2014-present)


The Turd Fergusons (2010)


The Turd Fergusons (2012-2013)



Team Snickerdoodle (2009-10)


Team Snickerdoodle (2011)


Team Snickerdoodle (2012)



Thunderpussy (2010-present)



The Wiener Barons (2013)

SofaKing Cool (2014)



"God created the Heavens! He created

the Earth!  He created all the 

Hulkamaniacs! Then, He created a

set of 24-inch pythons, brother!"

     -Hulk Hogan


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